06 June, 2021

The End Is Nigh. Pt.2; The Sea, The Sea

I have for some time been plotting and schemeing to bring together the Folks and the veritable sea of Bluebells that comes out at a certain DWT reserve. This year weather and availability came together nicely, and while the flowers weren't as good as they can be [not great buildup weather] they were still pretty good.
The tide rises high in Devon
Yup, we were there
There were also a few birds about, which was nice, and a few even posed.

The sudden yet inevitable Mipit


::Exit, pursued by Bear Mipits::

Sandy pale Willow Warbler


Mipits everywhere

Something aquatic

Hedgerow Cranesbill

It was lovely, ambling about in the sunshine - we wandered out of the reserve to Little Cuckoo Rock [if you've seen it you know it. :) ] even - and even though there was a lack of orchids and butterflies [I wasn't really surprised, to be honest] we never lacked for interesting things. Not least 'where's that Cuckoo??' :D

Be Seeing You...

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