13 July, 2021

Another Patchy Post

Well, another weekend bites the dust in a predictable manner.

But enough of that.

Sunday is the only day worth reporting on. I dragged myself down the Nose in the morning, in the usual outweighing of hope over expectation [..I said I was going to stop that, didn't I?].

Needless to say, no visible Melodious Warblers were found, though the Top Dell was checked for one. I did find assorted butterflies, holding on in the wind and showers and thus - if I saw them before flushing them - proving photgraphable!

After and before such pics, I gave the sea a half hour, and eventually picked up 3 Gannets. Hmm. Then a Sarnie flew south, followed by another. Later, 8 Common Scoter. No Manxies close enough to see, though. Two Med Gulls passed by, and an adult came in to hang about a bit [as did 7 BHGs]

Oh well.

[and very hopeful Garden Spider!]

Not an easy sp. to get a shot of, those.

Marbled in the green

Sitochroa palealis
Hiding from the rain

Chalk Carpet

Verlusa rhombea

Med Gull

I could inflict scoter-ish blobs upon you, but I think we've all suffered enough, recently.

Keeping on keeping on and all that.

Be Seeing You...

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