05 July, 2021

Backward Flowering

With a few other pretties in, maybe.

You may recall how I have cursed the local council for their destructive foolishness on many occasions. One such is their mowing to death of the 3+ spp. of orchids along the St. Marychurch bypass; there's a narrow strip of verge nobody walks on, on a straight section with no junctions, which needs no mowing, so gets done to the mud [often literally] several times a Summer. Spring. Autumn.

I took a look along there, because driving by I'd noticed something sticking up. Turns out, these;

Common Broomrape

Compare to Ivy, from not too far away;

Note the 'nose cone'
[and impaled leaf!]

Common growing off Daisies, and Ivy growing off.. yup. While nationally, Ivy is far rarer, on Patch it's vice versa; these are the first Commons I've found!

I was despairing of finding any orchids, but once again, the Patch surprised me. Just.

Pyramidal Orchid

This is it. The Last of the Orchids.
Protected from the mad mowers by a tree. Yes, Pyramidal growing under - very close to, in fact - a tree.

While hunting for basal florettes, I met a few other things;

Hedge Woundwort

Common Storksbill

Hedgerow Cranesbill

Dovesfoot Cranesbill

[It looks really familiar, too]

Common Chickweed

BLEEPing council...

BLEEEEPing council!

Freshly-cut trees and privatised loos. Welcome to the riviera, folks.....

The Deceiver.

Seems appropriate.

[Oh, and we have a 'progressive' party in charge, folks. Even the tories never dared privatise the WCs...]

Be Seeing You...

[Hopefully in a better mood]

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