09 July, 2021

Just Moths In This Post

They've suddenly started turning up and I've even managed to get pictures of a few [not all though..]

So, without further ado [what ado?!?] here be assorted moffs from Here.

Hit it;

Pale Tussock

White Ermine

Buff Ermine

Tree Lichen Beauty?

Bee Moth

Shoulder-striped Wainscot

Every year, these appear,
I'm still not sure what they are.
Some local Snout variation, maybe?

Snout, the proper one.

Riband Wave

Small Dusty Wave

The also inevitable Crambid spp.,
probably Crambus perlella

Crambus lathoniellus

Agriphila tristella

'There's always amother micro....'
Narycia duplicella

Wormwood Pug

Common Marbled Carpet

Dark Marbled Carpet

Garden Carpet

Common Plume

Treble Brown Spot

Small Fan-footed Wave

Dwarf Cream Wave

Silver Y Moth

Homoeosoma nebulella?

Acleris literana?

Another Small Dusty Wave,
much paler 

Many many flavours of moff.

Oh dearie dearie me.

Be Seeing You...

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