28 July, 2021

A Migrant Warbler At The Nose

What madness is this??!?!?
Giving the classic migrating call and feeding like a banshee [ok, not best analogy], I spent a fair bit of time trying to nail this little darling as it was very mobile in the Top Dell.

Good practice for that Greenish [what? I can dream...]

I even got a good hit - not bad through all that foliage - and this is what you see here;

ID Challenge!

'Challenge' might be pushing it a bit, I admit.

It was slim pickings, bird-wise, with not even a nice juvie YLG on offer and no tasty return migrants [let alone abmigrants..] other than a few Chiffies..

There was some news, though;



Two second-generation Wall were out amongst the masses of Gatekeepers and remaining MBs and Marbles.

Common Blue

Females far less obtrusive.
Small Skipper
 Sex brand and underside of antenna tip!  :D
Coming up..
Things not lepidopterish! And maybe another post about something possibly.

Yeah, it's all excitement here.

Be Seeing You...

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