23 July, 2021

Melting.. I'm Mellllting..... Pt.2; Four, Five, Six

Second post for second day. Woo, inventive.

Even hotter, with less breeze, and despite giving up far earlier, I still was struck with vicious brain pain on getting home. But enough moaning.

More of the same? Not quite.

Common Blue

The day before, a Small Copper was prowling the First Slope. This time, Common Blue.

Also, even more of these, and one actually stopped!

Six-spot Burnet Moth

You also get Fives at the Nose*, but you need them to actually sit still for a mo' to tell the two apart.. Will try again when weather less favourable for them.

Large Skipper

Small Skipper


Only one count, from Look Out, but a memorable one, with a fly-through Clouded Yellow and everything! [[Yes, yes, the Nose is always later and less than Beer Head...]]

Not just butterflies in the firing line, first up, we have what I thought was a Clearwing in flight - I got so excited... - but in fact on landing was this;

Longhorn Beetle!
[Strangalia sp.?]

Dark Bush Cricket
[well, its bum, anyway...]

Chafer Beetle

Musk Thistle

Okies, that'll do.

Be Seeing You...

[[* There are photos in past years' posts if you want to archive-delve. Presumably all standard, but Narrow-bordered are not that far away and I believe expanding their range, so until someone comes along with a licence and a net..?]]

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